Powerful search for Microsoft Word. Full regular expression search, proximity search, with replace functionality. All in one addin.


Search Smarter

Regular, Regular Expressions

Learning to read and write regular expressions is enough work - so why learn a Microsoft specific dialect? With Wordiscover, you can use standard pattern matching, as you've already learned it!

Proximity Searching

Have you ever wondered if a document has words that are close together, but had to use some other program to ferret out their proximity? Well, with Wordiscover, you can do all of your searching within Microsoft Word.

Replace (With Capture Groups)

Replace works with regular expression capture groups, or plain old text!


Get An Overview.

Wordiscover allows full regular expression search of Word documents, and also proximity searching. However, only the Find and Replace support regular expressions - Proximity Search does not offer regular expression functionality.  

Download Wordiscover


  1. Microsoft Word 2010 or later
  2. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 (installed via installer)

Installer (recommended)

  • You will need administrative privileges to install this file.
  • It will automatically install .NET Framework 4.5 if you don't have it installed.
  • If you don't have admin privileges, you may be able to install by way of using the Zip file provided.
  • Download Wordiscover Addin v1.0 (setup)
  • MD5 checksum: 14a35fb01e6e68eaee4bc02069210347

Zip (advanced)

  • You may need to install the .NET 4.5 Framework manually before installing this.
  • To install, unzip and double click the VSTO file.
  • Download Wordiscover Addin v1.0 (zip file)
  • MD5 checksum: a8b749209b236e797e42fdc97f847829